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Miss Lawra

Miss Lawra is from Brazil. She’s been teaching kids, teens and adults for 17 years. 

She has a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education from Albert Einstein University in Brazil, and also works as a PE Teacher. Miss Lawra has a Certificate in Brazilian Ballroom from Jaime Arôxa in Rio de Janeiro, and a Certificate in Classical Ballet from Gisela Vaz, Brazilian Dance Council. Her passion for dance was with her since she was 5 years old, which later inspired her to move to California when she was 15 years old to study and was able to be in Fame the Musical. Miss Lawra taught many classes and organised numerous showcases before heading to California in 2018 where she worked full-time at Studio-M as a manager and dance instructor. She is now based in London and happy to be working at JK Dance Academy.

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